Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Mobile phone

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Screen Protector Brands Ultra slender HD glass is 0.33mm thick, however very sturdy with a surface hardness of 9H and covered with an oleo-phobic layer that is scratch safe and lessens fingerprints and smears. The Phone Screen Projector switch screen defender is so clear with 99.9% straightforwardness and Tempered Glass Screen Protector Contact reaction that you will overlook it is even on.

Glass is the case and Phone Screen Projector Wal-Mart charging dock agreeable and won't meddle with any port, jack, or speaker opening. Screen defender is very simple to apply Glass Screen, fitting straightforwardly up and over of the switch screen with no air rises after establishment.


  • Computable touch screen and durable
  • It is screech resistance
  • It is reliable with an ultra thin design.
  • Cell Phone Screen Projector leaves no bubbles behind once installed.

Glass spread is intended to ingest any effect if the switch is dropped or crushed, with the switch screen defender glass breaking rather than the switch screen. Screen Protector Sold as a 2 Pack, so you will have an extra in the event that the first is harmed. Extra frill for Switch are accessible by Talk Works, including a case, screen defender, comfort hold regulator, travel conveying case, joy on charging dock, links and Mario kart embellishments.

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