Duracell Plus AAA Alkaline Batteries

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Duracell and its renowned Bunny are providing superior batteries for over fifty years. In 1969, Duracell was a part of the Apollo eleven mission and had become the primary battery on the moon. Duracell and AAA batteries offer reliable and long energy to power all of your devices with up to 50 % a lot of power.


  • Up to 50% more power
  • Suited for everyday devices
  • Leakage Prevention
  • Up to 10 years in storage
  • Reliability and Innovation

Duralock technology keeps the total energy of your unused Duracell batteries for up to ten years in their packaging. The Superior Nylon prime closure helps forestall leak and protects all family's favorite everyday devices like a torch, device, clock, toys, Arlo security camera, etc. Longevity performance compared to the Minimum Average period of the 2015 IEC AAA Motorized Toy check. Results might vary by device or usage pattern.

Safety Information:

  • Keep batteries away from children.
  • Replace all used batteries at the same time.
  • Keep batteries in the original package until ready to use.
  • Do not carry batteries lose in your pocket or purse.
  • Do not remove the battery label.
  • May explode or leak and cause burn injury, if recharged, disposed of in fire, mixed with a different battery type, inserted backward or disassembled.

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