English or Russian Voice Cuff Wrist Sphygmomanometer

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Type: Blood Pressure

Material: Plastic

Application: Wrist

Display: Liquid crystal display screen

Pressurization: Automatic

Panel Material: Acrylic

Air Leakage Device: Air relief valve


Too easy to use with one-button operation. Wrap the BP machine cuff about your wrist for private use, take an appropriate sitting position. You'll get the reading within 30 seconds. Results are adequate to upper arm BP monitors. The vital sign monitor is individually tested and validated for guaranteed accuracy whenever. Displayed blood pressures include blood pressure, blood pressure, pulse, date, time, and user ID. The vital sign monitors store 99 reading for up to 2 people. The measurement data and time also will be automatically recorded, which makes it easy to trace. Best to possess a mean of three readings. This digital vital sign monitor device has a complicated measuring technique that provides you with not just the fastest reading method but more significantly, the foremost accurate one. The measuring process starts automatically once pressing a button, super easy and convenient for home use, especially for the elders.

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