Industrial & Household Dust Collector

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Material: ABS

Item: Dust Collector

Color: Black

Size: 320x200x17mm

Weight: 550g

Air Volume: 174-280m3/H

Dust Removal Efficiency: 90-99%


Using high quality PP material, this product offers high temperature resistance, no clogging and prolongs the life of the vacuum pump. Prevents fine dust and large dirt from reaching your dust collector, reduces cleaning effort and extends the life of your filter. The average production efficiency has been increased from 90% to 99%. The larger the dust particles are, the higher the catch speed. This dust collector contains mounting seal and hardware. Compact footprint with easy installation. The leakage must ensure safety during installation. Suitable for most brands of vacuum scanners and dust collectors, scissors, dust, wood chips, pores, concrete particles, deposits etc.

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