Multi-tool with Magnetic Locking

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 Leatherman Free Every one of its 21 apparatuses is held shut by free attractive engineering and opens with a push of the thumb (farewell broken fingernails). Weight: 8.6 oz (243.8 g). Edge length: 2.76 in (7.02 cm). Shut length: 4.25 in (10.78 cm).

Multi Tool Introducing the FREE P-Series, our most exceptional multipurpose pliers experience to date; A fresh out of the plastic new stage, attractive shutting and outside-available devices

Multi Tool Comparison includes all the basics, from replaceable wire cutters to spring-activity scissors to 2 blades for able to use both hands use; Ideal for EDC, home, work and everything else


  • Color Stainless
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Multi equipment with Magnetic protection
  • One Size Hand Accessible Tools
  • Folding knife with Nylon Sheath
  • Wire Cutters and Saw, Stainless_ Steel with animal skin Sheath

Leather Man We’re glad to remain behind each item that leaves our production line in Portland, Oregon; that’s the reason we offer our 25-year guarantee, so you can be sure your Leatherman endures forever

Attractive LOCKING: Reduces contact and gives hap tic criticism; newly planned cam secures secure open apparatuses; Unwavering dependability for a lifetime of utilization

 Man Free every actualize is outwardly of the instrument; quickly open and close every apparatus with a straightforward push of your thumb; Removable pocket cut so it's consistently prepared

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