Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch

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Enrich your system with the Philips Hue dimmer switch and luxuriate in sleek wireless dimming. The button works as a traditional wall switch and dimmer. Place it anyplace you would like, using screws or the tape on the switch's rear plate. Rapidly dim or brighten up to ten lights for games, parties, and films from the ease of your seat or bed.


  • Battery operated dimmer switch and no wires
  • On/off and dimming functionality
  • Control up to 10 lights with one standalone switch
  • Place it where it matters with the adhesive tape or screws
  • Use as a remote thanks to magnet backplate
  • Link to the bridge for further configuration options
  • Switch between scenes
  • Dim your Philips Hue lights
Needs the Hue Bridge for the complete Hue experience; this powered dimmer swimmingly and wirelessly adjusts your light intensity with none additional installation. Philips Hue system is compatible with multiple home automation systems like - Amazon Echo.

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