Rechargeable Tooth Brushes Replacement Heads Set

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Sonic technology designed in step with oral and dental characteristics, clinically tested superior 3D cleansing Action oscillates (up to 40000 strokes/min), pulsates to interrupt up and take away all medicament, antifungal, and antiviral build informed your gums and teeth. The sole brush with position detection to ne'er miss a zone.


Charging time: 4 hour

Net weight: 79g

Battery type: Rechargeable

Material: ABS / TPE

Vibration frequency: 40,000 strokes/mint

Modes: White, Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage

Defend your gums by knowing once and wherever you sweep too onerous with Gum Guard technology and its pressure management sensing element. A pair of minutes' sensible timer with interval pause reminding every thirty seconds to encourage dentist-recommended brushing habit. Seven Days for Cleaner and Healthier Teeth & fourteen Days for Improved Gum and Oral Care. the toothbrush is totally drip-dry however do not soak it in water, Comes with 2 similar brush heads.

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