Reusable eyebrow brush tube disposable eyelash brush

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Material: Acrylic

Size: 11×1.2 cm

Weight: 4.2g


This Reusable eyebrow brush tube has multiple and random colors. It has a rounded bottom and provides a comfortable feel. The sidewall of these eyelash brushes is very thick and not easy to break. The eyelash brush can be replaced and can be matched with any color eyebrow brush. The pipe of these brushes can be reused. The disposable eyelash brush is perfect for professionals’ beauty salon or home personal use. These eyelash brushes are great for eyebrows brows, eyelash extensions, mascara application, makeup applications. Handier and easy to use. No more clumping, great to be used on business trips, holidays, weddings, everyday usage, and performance.

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